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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What is CSPromod, anyway?

CSPromod (CSP, for short) is a 100% custom-coded Source engine modification. Its goal is to bring the gameplay, feel, and competitive spirit of the original Counter-Strike to the Source engine, along with improved graphics and new features.

What do I need to play CSPromod?

A legitimate, Steam-based copy of Counter-Strike: Source or a (free) copy of Team Fortress 2 both by Valve Software and run it at least once. You will also need to download "Source SDK Base 2007" from the "Tools" tab in Steam.

When will the next beta version of CSPromod be released?

The release date for the next installment of CSPromod will be announced as soon as the game’s ready. While this may be frustrating to some of you, we see it as an appropriate release philosophy, especially given the history of our initial release. While we can’t provide a release date right now, we can absolutely promise that as soon as we have one, it’ll be announced immediately on CSPromod.com. In the meantime, we ask that you please do not spam our forums with posts regarding the release date.

How do I install CSPromod?

For more detailed install walk-through proceed to the main installation article.

If you choose to download our .EXE installer, simply open up the file and follow the on-screen instructions. If you elect to download our .ZIP archive, the CSPromod folder must be extracted to:

C:\Program Files\SteamSteamApps\SourceMods\


C:\Program Files (x86)\SteamSteamApps\SourceMods\
if you have 64b (x86-64, AMD64) Windows.

PLEASE NOTE: This assumes that you originally installed Steam to the default location.

Once you have finished installing (via the .EXE) or extracting (via the .ZIP), simply restart the Steam client and CSPromod will appear on your games list.

Frozen when connecting to a server or when creating one?

It's a common problem for people w/o CS:S. Just wait until your Steam client downloads all needed files. It does that in background, so you can't see any progress in the Download tab. Once the files are downloaded the process of connecting will resume. So just be patient at your first game loading. It takes 20-40mins depending on your Internet connection.

Getting 'Invalid Steam UserID Ticket' message?

This is a common issue after Valve's changes to 2007 SDK.

- Shut your Steam down;

- delete Steam\config\config.vdf and Steam\clientregistry.blob files;

- start Steam again, it will recreate the deleted files and the problem should be gone.

Stucked on 'Retrieving server info'?

If you get stuck (freeze) on 'Retrieving Server Info' when connecting or loading a server try the following procedure: Go to your Steam Library, find CSPromod. Right-click it and go to Properties and uncheck the 'Enable Steam Community In-Game' box. Then restart Steam.

Error 'MountFilesystem( 242 ) failed:..'

If you get this error 'MountFilesystem( 242 ) failed: SteamMountFilesystem(3092,242,0x6fdfd58=,0x6fdfc4 failed with error 114: Cache needs decryption' or a similar one, try the following procedure. Go to the ./Steam/SteamApps/ directory, move all .ncf and .gcf files to a newly created directory named 'gcfs' then download the files what CSPromod needs one more time.

My CSPromod doesn't load properly. What's the troubleshooting procedure?

First of all, recheck if you followed exactly the installation procedure described in the installation section. Especially make sure you have installed Source SDK Base 2007.

Try to add '-autoconfig' option into the CSPromod's 'Set launch options...' dialog. Completely remove your ./sourcemods/CSPromod/ directory, download the installation package from a different location/mirror and perform the re-installation. Restart your Steam client.

Run the utility 'Verify integrity of game cache' on the Source SDK Base 2007. Apply the latest MS Windows updates, update your graphic and chipset drivers to the latest and try to update the DirectX API.

If this procedure fails tell us your problem via the forums Technical support thread or PM some beta tester on the #cspromod IRC channel.

I can't see any online servers. What should I do?

Uncheck the 'Show Map List' in the left bottom corner of server browser window. You should also check your settings in 'Change filters'.

Will CSPromod ever be available on Steam?

We will apply for Steamworks so that the game may be available on Steam if we do get a spot. However, once the application is sent, the final decision will be up to Valve.

Does CSPromod support multi-core rendering?

No, multi-core rendering is not currently supported as it is not stable enough in Source 2007 (it is possible to enable it but the game will most likely be unstable). However, when Valve release their complete SDK for Source 2009, we will upgrade the game and hopefully have full multi-core support.

Does CSPromod support tickrate 100?

Yes and it is even the default value, so you don't have to change anything. The -tickrate command is still there, and works perfectly for those who want to run 66 for lower bandwidth or older hardware situations. It has working server side physics for both, and gives the players what they want. If we find any discrepancies due to tickrate, we will spend however long it takes to correct them, because Counter-Strike is worth the effort.

What rates should I use in CSPromod?

The default values for cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate are optimized for a competitive environment (both 100). You should only lower them if your internet connection cannot handle such rates. The command rate is a global Steam value that depends on what connection settings you set in Steam or what you last set it to in any other Source Engine game (the maximum value is 131072). The only other command that may have an effect on your game is cl_interp_ratio (the default value being 1.1) which you should only change in case of high ping (by using a higher value) although it will most likely not be necessary.

What sort of development platform does CSPromod use?

CSPromod has been completely, 100% custom-coded in C++ on Valve Software’s Source engine (Half-Life 2: Episode 1 version), then ported to the Source 2007 SDK (Half-Life 2: Episode 2 or Orange Box version) as of April 2010. Our developers utilize Visual Studio 2005 to compile the game’s source code.

Will CSPromod ever use assets from Counter-Strike 1.6 such as models or sounds?

No. That would require everyone to own both Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike 1.6.

What layouts are you using for the official CSPromod Maps?

CSPromod’s official maps feature near-identical layout recreations of their original CS 1.6 counterparts, with enhanced graphics that do not affect gameplay or FPS in a negative way.

Will CSPromod feature map X? It’s my favorite!

Mapping is not limited to any one person, as with any other version of CS over the years. The CSPromod development team believes that the competitive community has only begun to explore some of the great possibilities in mapping, and actively encourages independent level designers to contribute their time towards enriching our project. Take a look at our website’s mapping section to see some of the users who have already started creating maps for CSPromod. We have also already seen custom CSPromod maps begin to appear on Gamebanana (FPSBanana).

The CSPromod Beta 1.09 release will include seven official de_ maps (csp_aztec, csp_dust2, csp_inferno, csp_lite, csp_nuke, csp_season and csp_train) as well as four official aim maps (csp_aim_akcolt, csp_aim_arena, csp_aim_awp and csp_aim_pistol). Additional official maps will be added in the future based on independent submissions and community feedback.

For more information about maps included in CSPromod proceed to the maps article.

I need the player dimensions for my map, where can I get them?

Player dimensions are listed in the custom maps section.

Is every single boost location from the original Counter-Strike 1.6 maps replicated in CSPromod’s official maps?

Due to the nature of CSPromod as a competitive, professional, spectator-friendly version of Counter-Strike, boosts that previously allowed for map exploits have either been fixed, or not included. All boosts that didn’t previously allow for map exploits are possible in CSPromod.

As with all aspects of the game, nothing is set in stone with regards to these boosts. Once the game is fully stable, all aspects will be tweakable depending on community polls. The beauty of CSPromod is that it can evolve into what the community wants based on collective input.

Does CSPromod feature wall spamming/banging?


Do grenades also do damage through walls in CSPromod?


Can I change my username in CSPromod without changing my Steam username?


Does CSPromod feature a built in anti-cheat client?

CSPromod fully supports Valve’s VAC system, and is committed to working with any leagues, tournament organizers, or event service provides that offer their own anti-cheat clients.

Do AI-controlled bots currently work in CSPromod?

As of now, it’s possible to add bots to any server, but they don’t have any artificial intelligence (meaning that they spend most of their time running around and shooting randomly). Adding bot AI is in the project’s long-term plans.

Does CSPromod work with SourceTV?

Yes. Basic support for spectating matches is already in place. However, the project’s long-term plans are to greatly expand, polish and customize the spectator aspect of the game. This project has assigned working title CSPTV.

Does CSPromod feature a jump delay penalty?

Yes, it is identical to that of Counter-Strike 1.6.

Has the "doubleduck" feature (the ability to jump slightly by tapping +duck) been included in CSPromod?


Has the "russian walking" feature (the ability to run while tapping +duck repeatedly) been included in CSPromod?

Yes. However, it is neither possible to exploit this feature to mask player movement sounds nor to affect the hitboxes.

Is there any restriction on the number of players who can simultaneously boost in CSPromod?

No. Only a skybox or physical ceiling can limit players from boosting.

Why are there weapons missing in CSPromod?

Based on knowledge common weapon usage in competitive and professional play, the decision was made to initially only include the following weapons:

Once these weapons are perfected, others can be implemented according to community input.

I think the next version should feature:

As far as feature requests go, we’re already working very hard to replicate and reverse-engineer the “feel” and gameplay mechanics of the original Counter-Strike. Until this process is complete, we most likely won’t focus on any completely new features. We’re not ignoring you – the time for feature requests, changes and polls will come when we’re ready.

How can I help or support CSPromod?

There are many ways by which you can help CSPromod, even if you aren’t a game developer, including:

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